Direct Bank Deposit

Receive settlement directly to your bank account in 33 countries.

Cryptographically Secure API

Integrate our platform for blockchain payments with secure and simple API.

Custom Transaction Speed Setting Options

Choose from a range of options for your security and confirmation speed preferences.

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your merchant account with two-factor authentication capability from Google Authenticator.

Multi-User Support

Securely share role-based access to your BitPay account with multiple users.

11 Open Source Libraries and SDKs for Custom Integration

Use publicly auditable and versatile code for your custom integrations with the BitPay API.

National Currency Settlement

Receive payouts for every transaction in any of eight national currencies. You can also get settled in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Gemini US Dollars, or Circle USD Coin. Or you can opt for a mix of fiat and cryptocurrency.

Invoicing in 40 Languages

Accommodate global customers with invoices in all major languages.

Pricing in 150 Currencies

Calculate prices displayed on BitPay invoices in any of 150 currencies.

Wallet Compatibility

Our invoices work with all payment protocol compatible Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallets – no accounts necessary.

URI and QR Code Invoices

Provide your customers click-to-pay and scan-to-pay options to in every invoice.

Mobile Optimization

Access your merchant dashboard tools easily and effectively on mobile web browsers.

Payment Protocol Implementation

Our invoices support payment protocol (BIP 70 and BIP 73), which adds the security of direct payment communication and the convenience of clear payment address identification.

Email, Mobile, and Server Payment Notifications

Stay up-to-date with your transactions via email, text, and server IPNs.

Ledger Payment Tracking

Track and export transaction data for all Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments received.

Direct Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Refunds

Manage under and overpaid invoices and issue Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash refunds directly to your wallet through your BitPay merchant dashboard.


Payment Buttons and Hosted Checkout

Add a Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment option to your website - just copy and paste a few lines of script.

Shopping Cart Plugins

Use one of our popular ecommerce plug-ins to seamlessly enable blockchain payments on your website.

Hosted Integrations

Activate blockchain payments through your ecommerce platform provider.

Custom Checkout Forms and Browser Redirect URLs

Direct your customers through the checkout experience and return traffic to your website after payment.

Embeddable Invoices

Display an invoice directly on your website and let customers pay without leaving the page.


Cross-Border Payments

Receive your international payments with BitPay and get 100% accuracy, zero fraud risk, and next-day bank settlement.

Email Invoicing

Bill clients electronically and receive rapid payment. No wait times, no paper required.

Scheduled Billing

Invoice on a one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Integrated Solutions

Expand your Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash billing options using our integrations with leading billing service providers.

Billing Plugins

Add a blockchain payment option to the bills you send to customers and clients.


Mobile Point of Sale App

Accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on phones or tablets with BitPay Checkout for iOS and Android.

Multiple User Capability

Add multiple users to BitPay Checkout or enable your cashiers and servers to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to your account on their own phones.

Web-Based Checkout

No app, no problem. Access responsive retail invoices via the web browser on laptops, phones, and desktops.

Gratuity Options

Let customers select from set tip percentages or choose their own custom tip amounts.

Direct POS Integrations

Accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash natively in your point of sale software.


Web-Based Donation Buttons

Receive blockchain contributions with a direct, easily-implemented donation button.

Hosted Blockchain Donation Pages

Let us host a Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash donation page for you on our site for no additional cost.

Custom Donor Forms

Customize how you collect supporter information in your donation forms.

Donation Platform

Accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash donations through our integrations with external fundraising platforms.


Email Availability

All merchants have access to our industry-leading support team via email.

FAQs and Support Guides

Access our knowledge on the most popular merchant questions and integration mistakes.

Dedicated Account Management

Keep things running smoothly with a team member dedicated to supporting your daily account operations.

Forums for Product Feedback

Propose improvements, give product feedback, and ask questions about our platform on our BitPay Labs forum.

Get access to the BitPay platform.